• NAGA architects is a multi-disciplinary planning and design firm that revolves around the urban environment. In NAGA architects, we persevere to provide highly distinct levels of service in the fields of urban master planning & design, architectural & interior design, landscape, urban market research & design programming, real estate investment advice, building engineering & value engineering consultancy, and construction management. With architectural design at its core, the firm has proven that good design requires a deep understanding of various interacting social, economic, physical, and environmental aspects. Integrating this insight in NAGA architects has been among the most important ingredients for its phenomenal success since its inception in 2000.

    This integrated design approach has been backed by a highly professional management team with a wide range of academic and practical experience in urban environment as well as geographical contexts, including many parts of the United States, Europe,Middle East, and North Africa.


  • Real Estate Enterprise Development & Program Delivery Firm with a team of highly professional and wide range of academic and practical experiences in MENA region and USA. The nature of urban & real estate development is complex & dynamic. It integrates many functional activites, participants, and stakeholders with conflicting interests.

    Baseera capitalized on its many years of rich experience to address the new and ever growing challenges and complexity and developed its own holistic and comprehensive approach with full suite of business models and quantitative tools, that integrates all functions and conflicting relationships. BASEERA works with real estate developers and investors and provides them with all the expertise and support they need to cope with the complexity of development to achieve distinction.
    As a real estate consultant, we are proficient in preparing full development business plans including market research, best use analysis, investment feasibility analysis, master planning, architectural & engineering designs, and marketing & development strategies. As a program manager, we manage all activities from idea inception to full project delivery.


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